Thursday, 2 June 2011

Camp and Class Pricing

Fine Art Camp

Art camp is available full or half days, as few or as many classes may be booked, and missed classes will be refunded.

Our art camp features small group sizes, and a totally flexible enrolment. Snacks, lunches and all materials are included. Features may include a gallery day, visiting artists, and creative active play. Fine art instruction is guided with a combination of encouraging independent thought, imagination and skill building in a positive setting.

·         The cost is $ 40/ half day (4 hours) which includes a snack and drink.
·         If you want to come for a full day at any point it is $65/full day, which includes a full healthy lunch.
·         I am available mornings or afternoons. Part days are from 8:30am-12:30pm or 1pm- 5pm.

Fine Art Classes

We currently offer fine art classes for students of all ages. All class sizes are a maximum of 6, with a focus on in-depth fine art education, encounters with art history and an environment of inclusiveness.
Media includes painting, drawing, printmaking and clay building.
Our facility now is a working artist's studio, includes access to a wide variety of materials and a full size printmaking press.
Classes are available days, weekends or evenings.
  • Each class is $20/ 2 hour class, as few or as many classes may be booked and missed classes will be refunded.